Middle Position Tips and Procedure
How to Prepare the System for Middle Position Exercises

  • Adjust the exit box to the middle position by pulling out on the knobs on the sides of the exit box and sliding the  box to the desired middle position.  The system has six exit box settings – one upper,one lower, and four middle positions.  Depending upon your height, you may adjust the exit box to the particular middle position which best accommodates the exercises for you.

  • Lay out the poly cable attachment and check for the two single handles with poly cables.

  • Engage the appropriate attachments for the exercises you have selected.

How to Adjust the Resistance

Securely insert the weight selector in the bottom of the weight you have selected for your resistance level.

Use of the Cord-Lock Adjustment

Because required ploy cable length for exercises differs, and height and limb length differ, the system has a cord-lock adjustment.  This adjustment should be made according to the poly cable length required to perform the individual exercises and according to your personal height and limb length.  To make this adjustment, loosen the cord-lock wheel in the cord-lock housing as described in the installation manual.  The poly cable should now slide freely through the housing.  Adjust the poly cable to hang freely from the cord-lock housing.  Pull firmly back on the ends of the poly cable, which exit from the housing.  This tightens the wheel back into the housing and secures the desired poly cable length. 


  • Make sure the poly cable is taut when exercising.

  • Check for worn or frayed poly cables and replace as necessary.

  • NOTE:  Each weight is 5 pounds.