Performance Levels
The Track’s program system gives you five color-coded performance levels of increasing difficulty:

    WeightWork Units at a
Level           Color Level     Rate of 20 Repetitions
Least DifficultRed      5      100
   Orange   10     200
   Yellow    15     300
    Green    20                                   400
Most Difficult                Blue    25                                   500                                      

NOTE:  Work units are equal to the weight at which one repetition of a particular exercise is performed.  You will also find this code on the product itself.  It shows how to make the exercises more or less difficult by moving from one color level to another.

How to Find Your Entry Level

The Track’s program system makes it easy to find your entry level for each exercise.  Each color-coded exercise level has a performance standard.  The performance standard for each color-coded level is 20 repetitions per exercise.

First, test your performance in each exercise you have selected.  Begin at the easiest (red) level.  Do as many repetitions as you can at the red level during your first workout.  If you meet the performance standard (20 repetitions) at the red level, go to the orange level in your next workout.  Continue at the red level during your next workout if you don’t meet the performance standard. When you reach a performance level at which you can’t meet the standard, you’ve found your entry level.

Once You Have Found Your Entry Level

Continue to exercise at your entry level until you meet that standard (20 repetitions).  Each time you meet a performance standard, go on to the next level.  This allows you to overload the muscles involved, which is the best way to gain muscular strength.  Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.  For instance, don’t be surprised if you’re at one performance level in pull-overs and another in toe touches.

If You Break the Record

The Track’s program system performance levels have been tested to meet the needs of average people.  Most people can meet the red level and some people can reach the blue level.  If you meet the standards for the blue level, here are some ways to continue your growth:

  • Perform the same exercise, but increase the repetitions.
  • Do a second set of exercises at each workout.
  • Change exercises at alternate workouts.

Research shows that brief, regular periods of exercise are better than long, infrequent periods in keeping fit.  For example, three 10-minute exercise periods a week will provide better results than one 30-minute period.